May 8, 2012


To all those still reading, 

I just wanted to take a quick moment, a very quick moment, to address the current state of rockets and robots are GO! As you may have noticed, there hasn't been a new post on here for a while. For a rather longer than intended while in fact. And this state of affairs is not down to me not having anything to write about - I still have a number of films from the World Cinema Showcase that I haven't written up yet. No. I am, perhaps for the first time, too busy to dedicate all of the energy I would like to this blog. 

And frankly, it's really damned awesome that I'm too busy. As I'm sure I've mentioned I am currently working towards my Masters in Scriptwriting this year. It's been a fairly full-on course so far and things are really just starting to ramp up. And I love it. But damn things are hectically busy at the moment, in this totally different sphere of my writing right now.

I'll still try to write about every film I see in a cinema during the year. That's my stated mission goal for this blog and I intend to stick with it. I'm not entirely sure what form these pieces will end up taking, but they will be there. For now though, this corner of my writing world needs to take a back seat. I've got a huge amount of work and I feel it is absolutely essential that I focus on that for now.

There might be some slow down, but I'll still be here.

Thanks for reading,