January 18, 2011


Well it took me until half way through January, but I have now posted my write-up of Let Me In and so have finished with 2010. After spending a few weeks looking back over the year thinking about what I’ve seen at the movies and the experiences I’ve had I’m looking forward to, well, looking forward. Not only are there a stack of films I can’t wait to see this year but I also want to do and try new things. I'm calling 2011 my year of "Yeah, I'll Give It A Shot".

I’ve already got to 5 films this year and am working on my write-ups now. It feels good to be past all my 2010 stuff and back to working out my thoughts and feelings on new movies. I’ll also be putting up my most anticipated films of 2011 and should be finishing off a new “In Appreciation Of…” soon.

I’ve got a few things I’d like to work on and accomplish this year; this blog of mine is just one of them (more on that later). So look for some tweaks and updates coming soon(ish) and I’d just like to say: thanks for reading. I hope you’ve been enjoying Rockets & Robots these past few months and continue to do so.

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