March 25, 2011


So April comes hurtling around the corner next week. An obvious calendar observation I know, but in looking ahead to the fourth month of 2011 I see it's going to be really rather packed full of... stuff. Fantastic, amazing stuff... but I tremble a little at the sheer amount of it!

I was holding my breath and hoping for it, and lo... awesome classic films are starting up again at the Embassy cinema. A Streetcar Named Desire and Charade kick off the (hopefully continuing) programme.

I have a solid weekend of film-making as part of my Shoot on Film course in mid-April, where I will be DoP for an afternoon, shooting day for night. It should be an exciting, stressed and fun time!

There is the annual Script Frenzy, where mad participants take it upon themselves to write a feature-length script in the space of 30 days. I've participated for the last few years but have never managed to finish a script. This year, amongst everything else, I hope to make it to 100 pages.

Also coming mid-April and continuing through to the end of the month is the World Cinema Showcase where I'll (hopefully) be getting to around 17 films. And, of course, writing about them all here.

And the German Film Festival is playing at the Film Archive, with the focus on Werner Herzog. Sadly, the Film Archive is not of the best cinemas in town, but the films (all documentaries from Herzog) look fairly intriguing with some common themes being readily apparent.

In addition to all of that we've got the general releases of Sucker Punch, Jane Eyre, Paul and Thor. The annual blockbuster season is starting, for good or ill. As always, there are a few films I'm quite looking forward to and some where I just have to think "Why?"

But hey, I'm looking forward to the month and I'm looking forward to being busy. As always, I shall be keeping it all updated right here.

You've got red on you.

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