June 7, 2011

a year on

Today marks one year since I started rockets and robots are GO! (then titled rockets & robots are awesome) so I thought I'd just do a quick post on that and say a quick thanks. 

Over the past twelve months, the audience for this blog has been slowly growing with a number of readers from around the world (hello there!). In all there have been 143 published posts (144 if you count this one) since I began and, with the exception of 127 Hours, I have written up my thoughts on every film I've seen since the start of 2010. The films have ranged from The Princess and the Frog through to X-Men: First Class.

Moments like these can often be times to look back and reflect; to see how far I've come, in my writing and my life, since last year. But I'd rather look forward. I love cinemas and I still have a plan to write cinema reviews. Things are gearing up for the annual NZ International Film Festival, where I’ll be bringing you news and reviews every day. I have my Quest for the Fest (you can help too!) and I hope to make it there and to bring you daily run downs of the shenanigans at the world’s premier genre festival. I’m looking ahead to more film-making; there are a couple of festivals I’m going to aim for next year (such as Fantastic Fest and, get this, the Robot Film Festival). This isn't a huge blog, not yet. But my goal is to keep growing rockets & robots are GO!, to keep posting new and interesting musings regularly, to attract more people, to bring on a couple of contributors maybe. 

The act of writing can be an entirely selfish one, so sometimes this blog is an extension of my own writing desires. But I'm not just writing this for my own sake, never publishing a word. Equally, it's about you guys. You guys who visit and read my posts and leave generous comments and maybe get something out of this whole geeky blog. I hope I've pointed you towards a film you otherwise wouldn't have seen, or given you fair warning on a potential pile o' shite. Or, perhaps, you just enjoyed reading my thoughts on a particular film. So: thanks. I also ask a big favour of you, my readers. If you enjoy something on rockets & robots are GO! please share it. Spread the word - there's a selection of technical doodackies to do just that underneath each post. Let anyone who you think would want to know, know. I'm also still actively fundraising to get to Fantastic Fest (see the widget on the right). I've got a couple of ideas for some really cool things to do with this, but I appreciate any help and support y'all can give.

Thanks for the past year. I enjoy writing and I enjoy writing here. I'm looking forward to many more adventures, many more films, many more thoughts and arguments all chronicled here, where rockets & robots are GO!


  1. One year old - it has been a great ride - well done! Must be your shout for coffee then ;-)