July 8, 2011

The (possibly, maybe, almost) final appeal

Hello all readers, 

my fundraising venture for getting me to the annual Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas is nearing it's end. There's just over three weeks to go before it closes off (and, coincidentally, three weeks until the NZ International Film Festival). The time between now and when I kicked it all off has gone incredibly fast. I have already received a number of very generous donations from friend and family alike and I just wanted to give one final shout-out (in a good way) to you guys reading this blog. This blog o' mine is the reason I'm headed to Fantastic Fest. Yes, the Fest is an event I've been wanting to get myself to for years now but it was really only after I was writing this blog that I started thinking about it seriously. To re-iterate: this will not be a holiday for me. I will be writing about everything I experience at Fantastic Fest, right here at rockets & robots are GO! Sure, it'll be an absolute blast and I intend fully on having the best damned experience I can, but I'll be sharing those experiences with you guys as much as my blogging skills allow.

But back to the raising of funds. Frankly, I'm annoyed at myself for not promoting it more. I could point to a number of things that deterred me from it but the singly biggest obstacle has been myself. I'm not the type of person to ask for help like this; I'd much rather be able to do it under my own steam. But in this case, I can't. And the way I have been looking at the entire venture is this: I'm your intrepid reporter. You, the reader, is sending me off on assignement to a film festival. And you won't be reading crappy little newspaper snippets buried under the movie listings in the two-page spread that is the entirety of the "arts" section. No. You, my readers, will be reading blog posts chock full of details (and, if you have donated, possibly directing me to films).

So, for one (possibly, maybe, almost) final time I ask you to click on my IndieGoGo campaign button to the right and spread the word. If you can, a donation is appreciated. But, as always, thanks for stopping by and reading.


Yes. This is AWESOME.

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