August 28, 2010

Catch Up Classic: Jaws

I'm aware it's been almost two months since I first posted about my Catch Up Classics. I'm even more aware of the fact that Steven Spielberg's early masterpiece, Jaws, is sadly one of them. To the first point, well, I had the Film Festival taking up a lot of time there, didn't I? As to the second, as to why I have only just seen Jaws for the first time? I... really can't say. Sorry. I have no reason, no excuse for this. Of course I've read countless articles and reviews about the film; how influential it was in the creation of the Summer Film, how it was the first film to gross $100m at the US Box Office etc. For no real discernible reason, I never got around to watching it. The other night, I finally did.

And here's the thing, some 35 years after it was first released and watching it for the first time at 28 years old and on DVD: it still works. It still holds up. This scene, with no music and with a line of humour beforehand, still works as a fantastic scare:
What Spielberg crafted three-and-a-half decades ago is one of the greatest summer films made. There's scares, laughs, action and great actors. It's a fantastically effective film with everything pared down to the bare necessities. The mastery that Spielberg exhibits (just watch the scene on the beach before the second attack: he sets up so many possible targets, it's delightfully giddy to watch as he winds the tension up) is damn near intimidating.

This really isn't a review or anything of the film. This is just me saying; my name is Andy, I'm a film lover and I hadn't seen Jaws. Now I have. And I feel I'm better for it.


  1. Well done you. I still find myself drawn to it whenever it's repeated on TV, especially the final third of the movie with just Dreyfuss, Scheider and Shaw. Now that's done, get yourself a copy of Duel.