September 13, 2013


Oh. Hey there. Hi. Sooooo... things have been pretty quiet around here lately, huh?

I just wanted to say (to those of you still reading) thanks for doing so. I have had a blast writing this blog. And, for those interested in doing so, you can now find me over at - my official site as an official writer type fellow. It's in the early stages at the moment but I hope to build on it and add some really cool things soon. I have some ideas, I'm playing around with some things but the site is really more of a home for me as a writer and the blogs will be random - in both subject and timing.

This blog will be sticking around on the web (for now) as I am actually rather proud of some of the things here. And it's like some sort of digital historical document. For me, anyway.

So, hey. Thanks again. It's been emotional, there's no place like home, etc. etc.

- Andy

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