December 11, 2011


Just before I left on my Fantastic Fest trip, I bought myself a new camera. A Canon SX30IS, it's not a fancy SLR type or anything, merely a "point-and-shoot". But it is a very, very good point-and-shoot and over the last couple of months I've been playing around with it, trying to get the best use of it. I've taken to wandering around my local suburb (possibly the beginning of a larger project there) and snapping some photos. I had an emphasis on playing around with the focus, foregrounding and backgrounding different aspects and, overall, just trying to capture something other than a snapshot.

What follows are a selection of photos I am suitably unembarrassed by to share. None of these have been colour corrected or touched up in Photoshop (or similar). 


Flowers in the gutter

My camera has a pretty phenomenal zoom, so I enjoyed 
playing around with that to get some really tight shots
off small objects

Not to be.

I love the strange things you can find anywhere

Comings and goings at Wellington harbour

My home town. I love shots of Wellington city.

My hope is that these are the start of a larger project. If any fellow photographers (Chris? Sarah-Rose?) want to provide any feedback, it would be more than welcome. 


  1. If you like photography around Wellington I recommend you follow the 'Weird in Wellington' blog (also on Twitter):

    Also, public Address has new Photoblog called 'Capture', which is getting a lot of positive feedback.

  2. Cheers sir! That Weird in Wellington is a particularly neat find.

  3. Good shots Andy! I have been a slack photographer of late, but hope to have some shots up in the new year. You have a good eye. x

  4. Ta. Hoping to improve that eye (and my skillz) over the next couple of months.