June 20, 2010

2010 New Zealand International Film Festival

The two week long International Film Festival is back in town (Wellington) at the end of July. I fear this Festival may break me. Previously I have worked at the Festival as a Cashier; y'know on the box office sellin' tickets and telling people they're at the wrong theatre and their film is starting on the other side of town right now. And that was fun and all, but I realised something last year: being out on the box office, I'm missing all the films. And that's the reason I started working the Festival in the first place! So, this year I shall be a volunteer usher. Sure, I won't get paid this year, but I'll see a stack more films.

And that's where the Festival may break me. As mentioned in a previous post, I'm writing something about every single film I see this year (at the cinema). Every. Single. Film. What this means is that, in the space of two weeks, I may very well be writing mini-reviews on up to 50 films. And what might those films be? Well, here's a list of the films I'm hoping to see:


I Am Love
Animal Kingdom
The Illusionist
Once Upon a Time in the West
Sheherazade, Tell Me a Story
A Prophet

The Housemaid
A Somewhat Gentle Man
How I Ended This Summer
Cell 211
The Ghost Writer
The Killer Inside Me
I Love You Phillip Morris
25 Carat
After the Waterfall
The Double Hour
Four Lions

Winter's Bone
Cooking History
Draquila - Italy Trembles
Inside Job
The Invention of Dr Nakamats

Inside Job
The Most Dangerous Man in America
Presumed Guilty
The Peddler
Space Tourists
The Red Shoes
When You're Strange
American: The Bill Hicks Story
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today?
Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Dream Home
The Loved Ones
The Room
A Town Called Panic


  1. Yikes, nearly every one of those films is on my list. I'm a little concerned my taste has osmosified to yours.

  2. This is because my taste is awesome. Of course.

  3. I Love You Philip Morris is a festival film? It wasn't bad. Not amazing either, tho. Let me know what you think!