July 31, 2010

Film Fest: Day Fourteen

After covering the start of someone's shift at the Embassy, I scooted down to the Film Archive for my own usher shift. It's not a shift I was particularly looking forward to - the usher seat at the Film Archive is absolutely awful and considering the film was a collection of indie European digital animation? Cause for concern.

Autour de Minuit
So, my initial review of this was merely going to read "Pretty pictures but sitting in the front row made me feel somewhat sick". There were some nice looking short films, but most of it was just so much visual noise. However, the entire programme was pretty much saved by the final film: Logorama (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81d8SUaCMJo). It was a technically awesome, well written, smart and funny short film. It knew what it's message was, and it made sure you knew. And in the most entertaining way possible.
Another standout was Plasticat - in a futuristic city, a cat passes a bum on the street. He is then hounded by, not just his shoulder angel and devil, but a whole host of little flying consciousnesses. Very charming, and quite well done.
I'm glad there's a place for this type of indie, experimental animation. If everything was from the big animation houses, the artform would die out pretty quickly.

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