July 21, 2010

Film Fest: An Interlude

I just wanted to take some time out from writing about the Film Festival on here at the moment to talk a little about another film festival: Fantastic Fest. Fantastic Fest is one of the film festivals in the US, and is the premier festival worldwide for cult, genre and just plain odd films.
It runs for a week in Austin, Texas at the end of September and it’s one of my Things To Go To In My Lifetime. I LOVE cult, genre and just plain odd films! A lot of films that may never see the darkened corridors of a cinema get a showing here, at Tim League’s annual festival of outrageousness. This is more than likely to be one of the hotspots Ant Timpson picks up films for the Incredible section of our own Film Festival.
The first lot of films have been announced (via the Motion/Captured blog at Hitfix:
http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-motion-captured. Among them is a film I just cannot wait to see, and hope it comes over this way next year for the Festival (and I know someone who’s going to be seeing it within a week in Melbourne): Rubber. The story of a psychokinetic, psychotic tyre. I’m sold.
There’s also musical terrorists, zombies, more zombies (*sigh*) and the return of Takeshi Kitano. And that’s just the first run of announcements. Check ‘em out.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Film Festival.

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